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Sales Marketing Specialist 4500 — 6000 元
所属部门 : Sales and service
  • Jiangsu Province || Changzhou City || Xinbei District
  • No limit
  • No limit
  • Full time
  • 招Several人
Description of position:

Job Requirements:

Familiar with computer, office, PS, project and other tools, rigorous work, meticulous thinking, good documentary skills, good communication and coordination ability, outgoing personality.


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the design, update of sales related training tools, improvement and revision of sales technical manuals;

2. Responsible for the training of sales, marketing and company companies, industries and products;

3. Part of the supervision of the sales department, including customer tracking and feedback from the channel department and key account department, requires the channel department to organize weekly or monthly customer visit forms, understand and analyze the expansion of the channel, and make reasonable suggestions;

4. Responsible for filing and maintaining various certificates, test reports, and acknowledgements of the company's products;

5. Assist the analysis of competitors in the industry, regularly compare competitors' main products, and provide technical reference for sales;

6. Assist the marketing department to formulate sales strategies, evaluate dealer credit, control sales expenses, and control network sales and other auxiliary tasks;

7. Evaluate the effectiveness of new products on the market, put forward claims for delisting or revision of products, and provide reference for product managers;

8. Assist in docking other daily tasks in the sales department;

9. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders on time.


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