ChuangLian power

IE Engineer


R&d and production

4500 — 6000





Recruit several persons

Job description:

Job Responsibilities

1. According to the PMC production schedule, prepare process files in advance

2. Responsible for process verification and evaluation of standard man-hours for the first mass production after new product introduction

3. Participate in the review of the prototype PCBlayout, component packaging, part molding, mechanism assembly, process operability, and equipment compatibility.

4. Collect the problem points after the trial production and compile the trial production report

5. Analyze and improve the balance of the line body, use the seven major methods of IE, 5M1E / 5W1H to improve the scene

6. Calculate standard man-hours and formulate unit price


Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in IE, mechanical manufacturing process, mechatronics

2. Familiar with the production process of electronic products, and have professional process management

3. Familiar with IE seven techniques, line balance, material flow line, factory layout

4. More than 2 years of process improvement experience in the electronics industry, and knowledge structure related to lean production

5. Have more than 1 year of experience in developing new product assistants, familiar with the new product introduction process

6, with team spirit, dedication, strong planning, analysis, judgment, communication, coordination and communication

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