ChuangLian power

PE Engineer


R&d and production

6000 — 8000


1-3 years



Recruit several persons

Job description:

Salary: 6000-8000
Location: Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Number of Recruitment: Several
Working life: 1 year
Job Nature: Full-time
Gender: Unlimited
Age: 26-35
Education: Technical secondary school or above
Affiliation: Sales and Service
Job Requirements:
1, college degree or above, electronics or related majors
2. Familiar with the production process of electronic products, and the circuit schematic of power supply
3. Have more than 1 year experience in maintenance of switching power supply or other power products, more than 1 year experience in power supply PE or product electrical failure analysis
4, learning ability, hands-on ability, proficient in mechanical mechanism, electrical control, automation and other professional skills
5, with team spirit, dedication, strong communication and hands-on ability

Job Responsibilities:
1. CPK analysis of various electrical functions in the new model stage; evaluation and design of new model fixtures.
2. Analysis of bad data in maintenance reports of mass production lines, analysis of repetitive problems reported by maintenance staff, tracking improvement, and improving product quality
3. Plan and request the way of changing the test station to reduce the production line LOSS man-hours
4. Daily management of test equipment to ensure normal operation of test stations such as INT, HIPOT, BI, ATE
5.Compile and optimize Test Plan / Test Program

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