ChuangLian power

Regional Sales Manager (Display)


Sales and service

5000 — 10000


1-3 years



Recruit several persons

Job description:

Salary: 5000-10000
Location: Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Number of recruiters: several
Working years: 2 years
Nature of work: full-time
Gender: unlimited
Age: 26-45
Education: technical secondary school or above
Affiliation: Sales and Service
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in electronics or marketing;
2, more than two years of sales work experience, those who have experience in the electronic display industry or fast-moving goods industry first;
3, have a good ability to work independently and deal with problems, can adapt to long-term business trips;
4, cheerful, passionate, love sales work, quick thinking, good at performance and communication, have a strong desire for success, can withstand certain pressures.

Job responsibilities:
1. Decompose and analyze according to the regional sales goals formulated by the company, and formulate corresponding sales plans to ensure that the sales goals are completed within the sales expense budget and strictly implement the company's performance evaluation indicators;
2. Responsible for the planning and overall planning of all sales in the regional market in the year, quarter and month

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